Fundmine is Accepting Applications!

Fundmine is currently only privately available but we'll be launching to the public very soon. In preparation for this launch we're looking for investors and entrepreneurs to apply for either a Free Founding Investor Account (for investors) or a Free Business Proposal (for entrepreneurs).

Once you've applied and have been accepted, we'll send you login details so that you can use the system for free and before it's publicly available to anyone else. Simply click the button below to apply.

Intelligent Pricing System

Our pricing scheme means that companies that are looking for less investment pay a smaller fee. See Pricing for more information.

The Person Behind The Idea

Investors are looking for a great entrepreneur as well as a great idea. Fundmine lets you show you the person behind the company.

Global Investment Community

We have proposals and investors from all over the world so wherever you are, you can find an experienced investor or an excellent investment.

Welcome to !

Welcome to, The Intelligent Angel Investment Network. provides start-ups and SMEs with a sophisticated and long over-due solution to securing seed and venture capital online. Through a system developed with the protection of the entrepreneurs' IP at its core, provides a unique and secure environment for entrepreneurs and private companies operating across all sectors to dynamically present their visions to our network of sophisticated investors., where bright ideas meet smart money.

Latest News


We've launched our new website in preparation for the public launch. Stay tuned for the date!